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I just uploaded a ton of photos from my weekend adventure on Rennell Island. Please check them out. I had less than perfect lighting conditions for most of my time on the island, so some didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped. Nonetheless, there are some good ones. Also, I keep talking […]

McDonald’s Noumea

The McDonald’s in Noumea wasn’t anything special. Nothing special on the menu. The only thing of note was how they organized their value meals. You picked a sandwich, you picked a side (salad or fries) and a drink. Each meal was the same price. They also had the Royal Cheese from Pulp Fiction fame. Not […]

My Trip In Airport Code

I’m still working on my Rennell photos. To hold you over, here is a summary of my trip to date in the form of three letter airport codes: MSP–>DFW–>LAX–>ITO–>OGG–>HNL–>PPT–>IPC–>PPT–>RAR–>AKL–>NAN–>APW –>PPG–>APW–>TON–>APW–>NAN–>NOU–>VLI–>HIR–>RNL–>HIR–>INU–>TRW–>NAN –>SUV–>FUN–>SUV–>NAN–>CXI–>HNL–>GUM I’ll keep this as a running list. I think it’s interesting to view it this way.


Oh, man. I just got back from Rennell Island. I don’t know where to begin or what to say. This weekend was probably one of the biggest adventures I’ve had in my life and certainly on my trip. As soon as I get my stuff together, I’ll begin working on a much longer post about […]

The Curious Case of the Solomon Islands Moon Rock

For those of you who don’t know me personally, let me explain something about myself. I’m a smart guy who is socially retarded. I can explain calculus to people who don’t know math. I own at trivia. I have a capacity to remember all sorts of stuff that most people, rightfully so, would never bother […]

Everything’s Coming Up Gary

The Solomons isn’t turning out like Vanuatu….thank God. I got my flight to Rennell Island booked which worried me. i had read that it was usually booked. Likewise, my flights out of Honoria all the way to Hawaii should be fine with minimal sitting around time. I should be in Honolulu on August 14th and […]

35,000 Feet Above The Pacific Ocean

I’m writing this in route from Port Villa, Vanuatu to Honoria, Solomon Islands…. I had an interesting experience at the Port Villa airport. When the flight with my plane to Honiara landed, there were a bunch of police and TV cameras waiting. I didn’t know what was going on. I assume it was a politician […]

Vanuatu Blues

I really had high hopes for Vanuatu. They have all been dashed. Vanuatu has turned out to be a total bust. Its been overcast and rainy most of my time here. That means I haven’t been able to get off the island, take any tours of the island, or even take any good photos of […]

My Afternoon At The Footy

While I knew of rugby and even knew people who played rugby, my first real introduction to rugby has come during my trip here to the Pacific. New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga are all big rugby countries, and its hard to avoid it when you’re here. In Tonga, while wandering around Nuku’alofa, I came […]

I am crestfallen…

My trip to the volcano got canceled. I guess the roads on Tanna are flooded. What also sucks is my ticket to the Solomons on Tuesday is for standby, so there is a chance I could be stuck here another week. If that turns out to be the case, I will certainly make the most […]

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