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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Sounds Good

Tomorrow I’m off to Milford Sound. The place which is usually rated the #1 attraction in New Zealand. I hope I get good weather. I decided to stay in Queenstown and take a tour bus to the Sound, rather than drive. Once gas and everything was factored in, I was about the same just staying […]


After a day of glaciers, driving, and a LOT of photos, I have arrived at Queenstown, NZ. For the first night since I left Auckland I’m staying in a hostel tonight (or a Backpacker as they call them here). I want to stay right in town rather than on the outskirts. This is, by far, […]

I Conquer Global Warming

Just a quick update before I hit the road to Queenstown. I just had this photo taken about 30 min ago up on Fox Glacier, NZ. I had never been in a helicopter before. It was amazing. I got about 15 min of video footage too. Not having packed much in the way of cold […]

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…

I got a tattoo last week in Rarotonga. It is a Cook Island Maori tattoo. The symbols are designed to tell a story, that story being my trip. In the center row, there is one character unlike the others. That represents me. Its a solo man. The other characters are birds which represent travel. On […]

South Island

I did the ferry crossing to the South Island today. WOW I must have shot almost an entire memory card of photos just in the Queen Charolette Sound on the way in. It must be what an Alaskan cruise is like. Once again, I’m at a computer terminal at a campsite. I can’t get my […]

Kiwi Update

I’m in Whangerei, NZ right now at a McDonalds/Internet cafe. I drove from Routura to Whangerei today via the Tongarori National Park (aka Mount Doom if you saw the Lord of the Rings Movies). I’ll be in Wellington tommorow and hopefully take the ferry to the south island. Absolutely beautiful landscape. Amazing. You will love […]

To the Bush!

I spent yesterday doing nothing. I saw Spiderman 3, purchased some random camera gear, got new razor blades, bought a new book to read, and had some sushi. In about three hours I’ll be picking up my campervan which will be my home/vehicle for the next two weeks. My first stop will be Rotorua, which […]

Auckland Ahoy!

I’m safe in Auckland. It’s dark and I’m tired, but so far I like the city. It reminds me of Toronto. I’m going to spend all day here tomorrow cleaning my clothes, getting my hair cut, and figuring out my schedule for the next two weeks. It rained all day on Rarotonga….until I borded the […]

Buh Bye Cook Islands

I’m leaving Rarotonga in a few hours. I’ve enjoyed my time, but I’ve basically spent the last two weeks with overcast skies and rain. I leave here with a very sore right ass cheek (which I got from sitting in an inflatable dive boat going over rough seas), a cut on my right index finger […]

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