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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Pacific Itinerary – Part One

The question I get all the time from everyone I talk to about my trip is “where are you going?” My reply is always “everywhere”. I really have no set schedule I’m going to follow because I’d rather be flexible and I think if you plan more than a few months ahead, you’re going to […]

Over the river and through the woods

I’m off to Wisconsin again to put another load of crap into storage and have Thanksgiving with the family. I’ve also started a myspace site for my trip. If you have Myspace account (and I don’t blame if you don’t have one), you can add me at http://www.myspace.com/everythingeverywheretrip.

I see London, I see France

As my trip creeps ever closer, the reality of it is starting to permeate my thinking about everyday stuff. Over the next two years, I’ll be living out of a bag. The amount of “stuff” I’ll have at my disposal is going to shrink dramatically. I’d guess that 90% of the “stuff” I’ll be carrying […]

For those who are interested…

I’m playing around with Google Earth. I’ve manually created a .kmz file for Google Earth that shows the locations I’m going to be visiting in the Pacific Island part of my trip. You can download it here. I eventually want to automate the .kmz file from the posts on the website, but I’m not sure […]

Eat Cheese or Die

I’m in Wisconsin right now updating on a dial-up connection at my parents house. Over the next few weeks I’ll be shuttling back and forth between Minnesota and here moving boxes of books and other crap I’ve accumulated. The house has been up on the market for only a few days but its getting a […]


So far, I haven’t purchased anything for the trip. This has been by design. Because I don’t know the exact day when I’m going to start, I’ve been holding off so I can wait for newest models of the stuff I want to come out. So far, this strategy has paid off in spades. New […]

Lets get going

I’m going to pretty much be posting here from now on rather than my personal website. My house is now up for sale. The process of getting it ready for show was a big pain in the ass. I had a company come in yesterday to “stage” the house. That means they brought in better […]

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