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The Great Slowening or Why I’m Going to Take a Break From Traveling for a Few Months

I’m taking this advice

I’m tired.

I am writing this in a hostel in London. My feet are sore, my back hurts and I still want to sleep after having slept for 10 hours. I’ve just finished the big World Travel Market show in London and I’m exhausted.

I’ve been to 35 countries and territories this year already. That includes a 12,000 mile road trip this summer which took almost 3 months. Last year I visited 44 countries.

I’ve now been traveling for 2,793 consecutive days. Over the last 7.5 years I’ve been to 175 countries and territories. Not only do I travel more than most people, I travel more than any other blogger or travel writer that I know of.

That isn’t a complaint. I’ve seen and done more during that time than many people do in their life. I’ve swam with sharks, bungee jumped and have had the pleasure to have taken amazing photos from all 7 continents. The decision to travel full time is probably the best decision I’ve ever made.

However, it hasn’t come without a cost.
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November 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

November 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

This month’s image is one of the monasteries in Meteora, Greece.

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October 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

October 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

This month’s image is of Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

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Traveling the World on an Indian Passport

As much as I travel, there are certain subject I simply cannot speak to authoritatively. As an American, I’m in one of the best position to travel in terms of getting visas to other countries. Many people in the world are not so fortunate. Getting visas to travel if you live outside of Western Europe or North America can sometimes be a nightmare.

I’ve asked Savi and Vid, two Indian travelers, to tell their story of how they travel as citizens of India and have overcome the problems of getting visas to other countries.

There are lessons to be learned here for citizens of many countries who have difficulty getting visas to travel.

There is no dearth of inspirational travel quotations on the internet. Every once in a while, we stumble on something that reads ‘Pick a bag, book a ticket, and go travelling’ or ‘Book a ticket and follow your dreams’. We’re pretty sure the said quotations and accompanying photos of faraway lands have tempted many a globetrotter out there. But we’ve learnt to toss them aside with a smile.
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Amateur Traveler Interview: The World Heritage Sites of Canada

Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Episode 437

I recently had my 9th appearance on the Amateur Traveler podcast. This time I spoke about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Canada. There are 17 and as of 2014 I have been to all of them.
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Photo Essay: Laurence Norah

Every so often I showcase the work of other travel photographers on my site. Today I’d like to introduce you to Laurence Norah. He has been traveling around the world since 2009 and blogging and photographing his travels since 2010. He is well known for his stunning landscape images which has garnered him a large online following.

I’ve met Laurence several times at conferences in Europe and I’ve always been a fan of his work. He is one of a select group of online travel photographers who have had great success with his work.

Enough of me yammering, here are his photos….
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Monday Travel Update – Soon in Cancun

It has been a while since I’ve done a general update on my travels. This year has been pretty busy with several months in Africa an a 2.5 month road trip across Western Canada and the United States.

Things will start to slow down a bit now, although slowing down is a bit relative. I’ll be moving quite a bit the next two months, but it is pretty low intensity as most of my travel will be attending conferences.

Come November I’ll be looking for a place to stay for a few months. I can really be anywhere in the world. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Here is a breakdown of where I’ll be going the next 2 months:
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September 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

September 2014 Wallpaper

This month’s image is of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta.

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This Week in Travel – Episode #173

Jen Leo, Chris Christensen and myself are joined by this week’s guest Tim Leffel from CheapLivingAbroad.com.

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West Africa Photo Essay

Click to view

West Africa photo essay

As you know, earlier this year I sailed from Cape Town to Morocco with G Adventures on the M/S Expedition. I’ve just published my photo essay from the trip and it is one of my best ever.

Click to View my West Africa Photo Essay

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