Wow, I screwed up

Its 12:40am and I’m still packing stuff. I have to be out at 9am.

I totally mis-judged how much stuff I had left. I totally forgot some stuff. I got a hotel room close to my house and am moving stuff in here tonight because there is no way I could put it all in my car.

My dad is driving up tomorrow with his pickup truck. He’ll be in for a surprise when he has to deal with a bunch of heavy boxes of books.

I’m still not done and I have to be up to meet the painter by 7am.

This sucks.

1 thought on “Wow, I screwed up”

  1. Ouch. At our last move we had a similar last-minute scramble. Seemed like just a few boxes, but it turned out to be multiple car loads, hauled down 2 flights of stairs and a 60 mile drive to boot for each one. We were there cleaning well past the deadline

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