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There are a few English cities that have created such a unique identity to itself to find it constantly striving to outgrow that perception. This can be a good or bad thing; but it is no secret that travel to Liverpool remains popular due to its ability to draw tourists, thanks to the Beatles hype! But there is more to Liverpool than the Beatles. In fact, it is a city known for its love for culture, arts, and history.

The city of Liverpool is located in the northwestern part of England. The city’s metropolitan area is a bustling scene with over 2.2 million in population. According to the tourism department of the city, about 75 million tourists travel to Liverpool each year! That is a major amount and it has provided lots of employment for the locals in the city.

Travel to Liverpool

The allure of the city is not surprising, though. It is a must-visit destination for die-hard football fans. However, there is more to Liverpool than football, The Beatles, or all these clichés. It is hard to deny that The Beatles was, (and to some extent) still is, the biggest marketing asset for the tourism industry in Liverpool. No one, not even the local officials, quite predicted that it will be a budding tourist destination.

The reason why tourists want to travel to Liverpool is due to its impressive cultural heritage. There are more museums in Liverpool than in any other cities in Britain, aside from London. It is undeniably an important hot spot for cultural activities in the UK and Britain. It has incorporated music, performing arts, theaters, literature, and art galleries into the must-see attractions within the city. In 2008, it was even named the European Capital of Culture.

When it comes to nightlife, this is also a favorite part of Liverpool for tourists to explore. It has a varied nightlife so you can get the experience you are craving for. If you want a laidback night in the city, there are bars and pubs you can get into. This will give you the chance to sample local beers and mingle with the locals. If you want a more energetic vibe, you will also find a host of comedy clubs and live music venues in Liverpool.

In terms of economy, Liverpool is as sustainable as can be. In fact, it has one of the largest economies in the United Kingdom. The economy in Liverpool has showcased a lot of strength since the 1990s and an impressive employment rate. The service sector (public and private) is one of the leading aspects of the Liverpool economy, together with tourism, finance, banking, health, education, and insurance.

What to See

Travel to Liverpool

If you are going to travel to Liverpool, you can’t miss these must-see attractions:

  • Beatles Story
  • International Slavery Museum
  • St. George’s Hall
  • Walker Art Gallery
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum

Fun Facts on Liverpool

Travel to Liverpool
  • Liverpool is the fourth largest city in Britain. It is also one of those cities that have a large sports community.
  • The Guinness Book of Records has designated the city of Liverpool as the Capital of Pop. No other city aside Liverpool has more number one hits for those bands or musicians who have originated from the city.
  • The Anglican Cathedral is the largest in all of Britain and fifth in the world. Its bell is also the heaviest in the world.
  • Liverpool is the city with the most number of galleries and museums in Britain outside of London.
  • The locals in Liverpool are often referred to as scousers, in reference to scouse which is a type of stew. This stew was eaten by the locals during the 1900s during the times of poverty.
  • Liverpool is the most successful city in Britain when it comes to football. In fact, it has won titles from the European Cup, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, and League championships, among others.

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Travel to Liverpool