Travel to Half Moon Island

Travel to Half Moon IslandHalf Moon Island is part of the Antarctic Island, specifically the South Shetland Islands. It is located north of the Antarctic Peninsula region. The island itself measures at 171 hectares in land area. There are no airports in the island; therefore, you have to travel to Half Moon Island via boat or helicopter.

Many of the cruise ships that travel to Half Moon Island do so via a stop from the cruise route in the Antarctic. The peak season for tourists that travel to Half Moon Island is from November to March.

The Argentine Camara Naval Base is headquartered in Half Moon Island. It is operational during summer but closed out during winter time. Aside from the naval base, you will find a lot of things (flora and fauna) when you travel to Half Moon Island. There are several species of plants found in Half Moon Island. Some of them include Antarctic Hairgrass and diverse species of moss and lichen.

Aside from a rich flora collection, Half Moon Island is also home to various bird species. In fact, it serves as a breeding ground for south polar skuas, terns, kelp gulls, petrels, shags and sheathbills. It is recognized as an Important Bird Area by the BirdLife International. On top of the various bird species, you will also find whales, fur seals and elephant seals.

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Quick Facts on Half Moon Island

Travel to Half Moon Island

  • The topography of Half Moon Island is made of cubbled beaches, small hills, rock outcrops and slopes with cliffs.
  • The fauna species found in Half Moon Island are chinstrap penguins, blue-eyed shags, Antarctic terns, snowy sheathbills, skuas, kelp gulls, and Wilson storm’s petrels.
  • The visitors who have explored or travel to Half Moon Island had made an impact on the topography of the island such as trampled vegetation and track erosion.
  • Travel to Half Moon Island

  • The landing requirements in Half Moon Island should be one ship at a time. Each ship should carry no more than 500 passengers. There are a maximum of 3 ships allowed to land on Half Moon Island per day. The island is also closed off from visitors from 11PM to 4 AM during wildlife resting period.
  • There are designated free roaming areas in Half Moon Island. However, there are some parts wherein you must be accompanied with guides before you can explore them, for your own safety and that of the wildlife in the island.

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Travel to Half Moon Island

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Travel to Half Moon Island