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The Aland Islands is an autonomous territory of Finland in the Nordic region. It is an archipelago consisting of over 6,700 islands giving you plenty to explore when you travel to Aland Islands. These islands are most uninhabited with typically coastal rock slopes as terrain. In some areas, you will also find pine forests and heather moorland. About 9% of the land in Aland Islands is arable.

Travel to Aland IslandsThe Aland Islands is the smallest of the autonomous territories in the Nordic region. It has an estimated population count of 28,000 people. One third of the entire population is living in the capital city of Mariehamn. Meanwhile, this is a neutral and demilitarized zone.

The shipping and ferry services in Aland are some of the top sources of its income. Tourism, fisheries and agriculture also contribute to the economy of Aland Islands.

Currency: Euro

Official Language: Swedish is the official language in Aland Islands.

Wi-Fi Availability: Most hotels, restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi access to tourists in Aland Islands. Hence, it should be easy to stay connected while traveling here.

Airport/s: The Mariehamn Airport is the main international airport for travel to Aland Islands.

Travel to Aland Islands

Visa Required: Citizens traveling from any of the Nordic countries or those belonging to the Schengen Agreement only need an identity card (no passport necessary) to travel to Aland Islands. Meanwhile, non-EU citizens should carry a valid passport before travel to Aland Islands. For other countries, such as Russia, a visa should be arranged prior to arrival.

Driving: In Aland Islands, you must drive on the left side of the road.

International Driver’s License Accepted? You can use your national driver’s license or international driving permit in Aland Islands.

Crime: Aland Islands has a very low crime rate making it one of the least dangerous places in the world.

Electrical Adapters: In Aland Islands, the standard voltage is 220 volts with a frequency of 50 Hertz.

Trivia: Even though Aland Islands’ official language is Swedish, it is actually a territory of Finland.

Cuisine in Aland Islands

Travel to Aland Islands

There is easy access to fresh and fantastic locally sourced food products in Aland Islands. In fact, you will find lots of cafes and restaurants that specialize in local raw food products. They also like to prepare their own meat products such as pepper salami, smoked ham, lamb sausage and cold smoked salmon. There are also lots of vegetables grown in the Aland Islands namely lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, root vegetables, and a variety of herbs. Speaking of herbs, they grow a large scale amount of red and yellow onions in Aland Islands.

Street food scene is also lively in Aland Islands. You will find a lot of street food stalls that serve Frankfurters in a bread, or hotdog on sticks, as well as Baltic herring burgers. For a drink, the locals in Aland Islands enjoy sipping on sparkling cider, milk or apple juice.

Travel to Aland Islands: Attractions

Travel to Aland Islands

Kastelholm Castle – This medieval castle was built on a small islet harbor during the 14th century. The castle was held by various nobles, kings and feudal chiefs since the moment it was put up. The castle served a strategic importance in unifying Swedish authority in the Baltic. Majority of the castle fell to ruins but has been refurbished and is now open for tourists to visit.

Aland Museum – This is a museum located in the capital of Aland Islands – Mariehamn. In this museum, you will find lots of artifacts and documents that tell the history of Aland Islands from the Stone Ages until the present.

Pommern – This is another museum located in Mariehamn but this one is distinct because it is located within a ship. It is a unique ship because this is the only one of its kind left in this world that remains standing!

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Travel to Aland Islands