Things are geting close

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I’m really starting to sense the reality of all this.

Dishes. Boxed.
Toiliet brushes and plungers. Packed.
DVD Collection. In storage.
Clothing. Only a suitcase left.
Freezer. Empty
Fridge. Just soda and bloody mary mix.

One week from Tuesday, and I’m out of my house for good.

I realize that most of these posts are just repeating the same theme: OMG I’M GOING AROUND THE WORLD!!!

but it’s true.

I’m also putting together a First Aid kit of stuff I have sitting around the house. Stuff to make me poop, stuff to stop me from pooping, stuff for motion sickness, stuff for upset stomaches. Its hard to know what the right balance is between too much and not enough for this sort of stuff. I’ll probably opt for too much then pair it down later.

…back to packing

4 thoughts on “Things are geting close”

  1. I probably would have thrown out the toilet brushes. I can’t imagine you’d want to have the old toilet brushes in 2 years when you return. Unless you are sentimentally attached to them. They seem like a weird thing to put in storage.

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