Sitting under the Buddha

The quality isn't very good because it was taken with the camera on my laptop.
The quality isn't very good because it was taken with the camera on my laptop.
I am writing this on my laptop at a cafe at the Po Lin Buddhist temple in Hong Kong. The Po Lin temple has the largest sitting Buddha statue in the world. I’m sitting right underneath the guy as I type this. (Three cheers for open wifi connections!) The only way back to the subway station is a city bus and the line for it is huge. The gondola that normally takes tourists here is broken and they didn’t think to run more buses on this route. I’m chilling on the computer while everyone waits. I figure this is a better use of my time than sitting in a queue.

My cold has gotten worse. My nose is stuffed up and I’m still sneezing a lot. I spent most of last night sleeping until I realized I had some NyQuil tablets in my bag. I’m thinking the best plan might be to stay in Hong Kong a few days longer until I’m past this. I’d rather be sick here than in Borneo. (Which reminds me, I should start taking my Malaria tablets now).

Yesterday I took the tram up to Victoria Peak. I think I’m going to go back up tomorrow or the day after so I can get some photos of Hong Kong harbor at night. The view is really amazing.

3 thoughts on “Sitting under the Buddha”

  1. Wow, simply amazing Gary. It’s amazing to see the world with your blog. Everyone loves screen shots, and I am definitely one of them. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures. You have the coolest job, you get to travel the world. Thanks.

  2. My wife and I were here at Po Lin Temple back in 2001. It was a great sight to see. A must visit for all HK tourists.

  3. Did you know that the cable car stopped running because one of the gondolas fell from the cable? It was empty, but obviously it scared the people running it… I went up there last year and the cable car was operational: great views, but long queues at both ends. I hear it’s much quieter up there now that there are only buses.

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