Raro update

  • I now am the owner of a Cook Islands drivers license. I kid you not. Likewise, I rented a scooter for the week. A good move. NZ$100 for the week. A bus trip is NZ$4 one way and a taxi is like NZ$40 one way. Its really fun to ride. The license makes a great souviner. The drivers test consisted of “do you have $10?”
  • I’m going SCUBA diving again today. I need five dives to get my Advanced Open Water Certification. I’ll do one or two here, then maybe 1 or 2 on Fiji. I should be done by the time I leave the Pacific.
  • I went to a island night at a night club last night. They had a local Polynesian dance team and band. It was pretty entertaining and only NZ$5 for the cover. It would cost a lot more at a resort.
  • I had one beer last night. A New Zealand beer called Steinlager. It was the biggest beer bottle I’ve had in my life. Probably bigger than a 40oz. It was NZ$5 for the bottle. A good deal for a bar.
  • The weather is still overcast. Not much rain or wind, just overcast. I got a few ideas for video I’m going to pursue that are all indoor. They will be fun. You’ll see.
  • On a related note, I think I have someone back in the good old US of A who will be doing video editing for me. This will allow me to just go nuts getting footage. Expect a several week delay between when I shoot something and when its online. ie: the blog and the video will not be in synch.