Last Day in Hong Kong

Tomorrow I’m off to Macau. I’m sure I’ll be back to Hong Kong just to get a flight out, but that’s about it.

Last night I had the best Mongolian BBQ I’ve ever had and got to see a street performer escape from a straight jacket. Can’t beat that.

If nothing else, Hong Kong has been very productive for me. I’ve had a big surge in new readers the last week. Some housekeeping issues and things I’ve been working on:

  • The page should be loading faster. I created a static version of the site to take care of traffic spikes I was getting. I’ve been getting a lot of people from StumbleUpon, so thanks to everyone who as been Stumbling my photos and posts.
  • I fixed the RSS feed. The RSS feed should now have full text and images. Before it was truncating everything and leaving the photos out. If you don’t use RSS or know what an RSS reader is, you can click on the email icon in the upper left and have new updates sent to your mailbox.
  • If you are new, check out my map. I use Google Earth to mark where I’ve been and embed photos and links to the website for each place. It is a continual work in progress. It is best to view the file directly in Google Earth if you have it installed.
  • I am currently #1 in the Travel Category at the Bloggers Choice Awards. The contest is running through most of 2008, so it is far from over. If you like the site, take 30 seconds to toss me some pity a vote.

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  1. My brother and his family lives in Macau right now. :) They’ve sent pics of the Venetian Hotel which is really grand!

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