Guest Posting

Thank you for your interest in guest posting for Everything Everywhere.

Almost everyday I get unsolicited offers from people who want to write guest posts for my blog. 99% of the time, what they are really interested in is just putting a link in the article for SEO purposes. If that is what you are interested in, please do not ask me.

The focus of my site are my travels around the world. As such the editorial focus of my site is my travels, photography and adventures around the globe.

I do allow guest posts, but my criteria for accepting guest posts is very strict:

  • I have to have met you in person.
  • We have to have shared some sort of adventure.
  • The guest post has to be about that adventure.

The term adventure can be anything from traveling with me for several days or just visiting a restaurant for a very unique dinner. Giving me a tour of your city is also a good example of an adventure.

If doing a guest post interests you, just pay attention for when I come through your town.