Google Earth Update

Something I forgot to mention.

I have uploaded a new copy of my Google Earth map. The red lines show where I’ve been and the green show (sort of) where I’m going. It’s subject to lots of change of course.

The routes are only approximate. I didn’t make the lines follow the road in New Zealand or anything like that, but it should give you a rough idea of where I’ve been. If someone one industrious, they could probably add more detail to it.

Everything Everywhere Google Earth

Also, I’ll be online a lot the next two days. Thanks to the wonderful Jennifer in the comments, I’ll be staying at a hotel with free wifi (and hot water. and a bath, which I haven’t had in about two months). Check the contact section of the website for my IM information and my Skype info. I’d love to take time and talk to anyone while I’m uploading files and such. Remember, I’m 6 hours behind CDT.