The Tsingy of Madagascar

The Tsingy of Madagascar

The tsingy of Madagascar, the thin, needle-like rock formations in the country, have a soft, sweet sing-song name.

With one foot on a knife-edge, the other in the air, the word soft didn’t come into it. I gripped the tsingy and tried not to look down. A long, long way down.

In Malagasy, the word tsingy means “walking on tip toes” or “the place where one cannot walk barefoot.” It’s a translation I’d overlooked for reasons that didn’t come to mind right now.

My hand grazed another and I did my best to ignore the pace of my pulse. I had to focus, to cling, to move. To grip and not to slip.

And then she appeared.

Light of foot and dancing.

A lemur. Then another. And another. Hopping, bouncing, chatting and calling, they danced and danced while I clung on.

And despite my heavy, dizzy, legs, I felt my heart join in, fluttering like lemur tails to be here in the wild in Madagascar.

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