Announcing my new EBOOK and Online Course: Living the Location Dependent Lifestyle through Active Income.

Are you longing to break free from the road? Sick and tired of waking up and not knowing what city you are in? Are you constantly wondering where you money is going to be coming from?

If this describes you, then you are probably a candidate for living a location dependent lifestyle.

Location dependence has been the world’s #1 lifestyle since the rise of agriculture over 6,000 years ago. Since then over 10,000,000,000 people have embraced the location dependence movement and have lead a location dependent life.

The benefits of location dependence are many, which is why so many people have embraced it. They include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Housing
  • Leisure Time
  • Personal Space
  • Many others!

However, there is so much more!

I’ve created a unique system of active income generation for those who live a location dependent live. I call it a Juxtaposed Offline Business, or JOB.

Through my JOB technique, you can you be earning positive cash flow every other week through active income.

How can you earn active income? The possibilities are endless. Some potential JOB’s include:

  • Farmer
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Astronaut
  • Barrista
  • Trash Collector
  • Mechanic
  • Clergy

Most of these JOB’s require little or no start-up capital and require nothing but time and effort!

You can learn the techniques via my new ebook and online course which are available exclusively here on my website for the low price of $777.77 (because I read something once that people tend to buy more when they see the number 7).


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  1. Laughing so hard! Love it! Luckily, I can save $777.77 because I already have a Teacher J.O.B. I know this revolutionary book will change the lives of many, though. :)

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