9 Month Anniversary

Today marks the 9 month anniversary of me closing on my house and becoming homeless. It is also the day that my old college roommate Sean will be appearing on Jeopardy. Sean and I were the backbone of the Macalester College Bowl team. We were the first and only team to ever beat the faculty. (at least we were the only team as of like 3 years ago). Because I was not on Jeopardy, there is a chance he could have won. He is actually the second person I’ve known to appear on the show and the second person I’ve known to be on a game show in the last few years. I was a phone-a-friend for a friend in Minnesota who appeared on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”. Sadly, I never got the call…

Last night I saw the skyline of Hong Kong from Kowloon as the sunset. It was amazing. I really hope the photos turned out. I’m moving to a new hostel in Kowloon today, so I’ll be able to take some much better photos with my tripod at night. I think the Hong Kong skyline is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen on my trip. It is as if Hong Kong was built to create an impressive skyline. The buildings, the mountains, the harbor all go together.

My cold is getting better, but it is still there. In stead of a runny nose, it is just stuffed up now. I’m going to stick around for a few more days before I head to Macau, aka the Vegas of Asia. I also need to start planning for Borneo and Indonesia. I haven’t really thought that far ahead. Oddly enough, I did find some Borneo bloggers, so maybe they can help.

Oh, I am also wearing deodorant for the first time in four months. You may read into that what you will…

6 thoughts on “9 Month Anniversary”

  1. I agree. Hongkong skyline is tops. The synchronized lights on buildings and music accompaniment make it even more impressive….Good luck on your trips around the world. But I think otherworldly best sights can be found underwater. You might want to try underwater photography….

  2. I noticed that you’ll be in Sabah and Sarawak. Hopefully you’ll visit West Malaysia too. Call me, email me or whatever if you happened to be in the neighbourhood. I would love to meet you. Maybe we can drink tea together, or coffee perhaps?

    Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  3. New Kowloon is one of the best places in Seattle to get Dim Sum. I have the feeling your Kowloon is much more interesting however.

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