The Therapeutic Value of Sunshine and Seawater

I have always remember my time in the Pacific fondly
Two months ago I was miserable.

I had spent almost 8 weeks traveling through Europe during an abnormally cold spring. Not only was it cold, but I wasn’t really prepared for the weather. I had to shovel my rental car out of snowdrifts in Germany (without a shovel) and I got another rental car stuck in the snow in a freak April snowstorm in Croatia.

I caught a cold which lingered with me for months and reignited a hacking cough I always get when I get sick. On top of all that, I was on a travel schedule which left me exhausted as well as sick.

Fast forward to today and I’m sitting on the island of Anguilla feeling better mentally and physically than I have since I began traveling in 2007. I owe it all to the incredible power of warm sunlight and seawater.
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