Why I Am Not One Lucky Bastard

One common thread I’ve noticed when people interact with me is that they will often refer to me as being “lucky”. “You are so lucky to be able to travel that much!” “You are so lucky to have visited Fiji!” “You are so lucky to have gone to the Rugby World Cup!” With my latest …

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New Lanark

New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site, Scotland

From the New Lanark World Heritage inscription: When Richard Arkwright’s new factory system for textile production was brought to New Lanark the need to provide housing and other facilities for the workers and managers was recognized. It was there that Robert Owen created a model for industrial communities that was to spread across the world …

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20 Jaw Dropping Photos of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most special places on Earth. Last fall I had the honor of visiting the Galapagos with G Adventures. The Galapagos was one place I had always wanted to visit. Not only is it one of the most significant natural areas on Earth in terms of endemic species, but …

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