Return to Thailand!

I’m back in Thailand!

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I’d be leaving the country when I took off for Niagara Falls/Seattle/Hawaii. I had entered a competition for bloggers to visit Thailand for medical tourism and I sort of forgot about it. Just before I arrived in Hawaii I was notified that I was one of 12 finalists and would be flown to Thailand.

…and here I am!

The trip is sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to increase awareness of Thailand as a medical tourism destination. The 12 bloggers drew lots and were sent to various locations throughout Thailand: Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok and Ko Samui. I drew the most medical intensive trip in Bangkok and traded with a woman who works in the medical area for the trip to Ko Samui. I’m not complaining.

I’m writing this in Ko Samui where I just landed about an hour ago. I’ll be here for three days before returning to Bangkok.

Every time I’ve been in Thailand I’ve considered going to the dentist here or look into getting LASIK surgery done on my eyes, so this was a decision to come here and check it out. At a minimum, I’ll get my teeth cleaned while I’m here.

Also, because I’m here, I’ve decided to just stay in Thailand for a few weeks to do some of the work I was going to do in Hawaii. I’ll be here until the middle of December when I will start to work my way back to Wisconsin to be with my family for Christmas. I’ll be returning via Tokyo, Honolulu and San Francisco.

If you are in Bangkok the next few weeks, please drop me a line.