The Downside To Having The Greatest Job In The World

girl with a camera at the Grand CanyonOne thing that really pisses me off is when I hear models complain about how hard their job is. I don’t care how many hours you have to stand there or how long it takes to apply makeup, at the end of the day you are a model not a coal miner. Coal miners have a reason to bitch about their job. It is dangerous, dirty, dark and one way or another it will probably kill you. To the best of my knowledge, no model as ever suffered from “fashion lung” disease.

Likewise, I often hear travel writers how their job is not all that glamorous. That they don’t have good wages, their assignments are very hard, press trips are very hectic, etc.

Well, let me just say for the record that I have the greatest f*%#ing job in the world. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing and I have no regrets whatsoever about traveling around the world. I’ve seen and done things that only a small fraction of our species ever will. I highly recommend “world traveler/photographer/blogger guy” as a career path to all you high school kids out there.

That being said, while the positives far outweigh the negatives, there are some negatives. Continue reading “The Downside To Having The Greatest Job In The World”