Visiting The Most Serene Republic of San Marino

I wrote most of this on the train going from Rimini to Venice as I traveled through the Italian countryside. It has sat on my laptop for half a year since my fittingly short stay in one of the world’s smallest countries, San Marino.

One of the three towers of San Marino
One of the three towers of San Marino
I love tiny countries so traveling to San Marino was a high priority during my time on the Italian Peninsula. San Marino is not just one of the smallest countries in the world weighing in at 60km2 (or 23.2mi2), but one of the oldest. It was founded 301 by Saint Marino who was persecuted by Roman and came to the mountain to live as a hermit. Since then it has almost continuously been a independent republic.

Like most countries its size, it makes a lot of money from tourism, postage stamps and coins. On my way out of San Marino I counted over 30 parked tour buses. If you walk around the central part of the country, which isn’t hard to do, it is mostly restaurants, snack bars and souvenir shops.
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