Mind on Mui Ne, an Mui Ne on my mind

I’m finally out of Saigon and on the beaches of Mui Ne.

It is like most any seaside tourist village. Restaurants, bars, hotels, tour booking services, and the occasional communist party flag. I wonder if Karl Marx was thinking of seaside time shares when he wrote the Community Manifesto?

The road of Vietnam is an order of mangitude better than in Cambodia. That being said, the buses are still really slow. Nothing really moves that fast on the road because the motorbikes slow everything down.

The bus I took from Saigon to Mui Ne is a sleeper bus. I’ve never seen anything like it. The “seats” are actually closer to beds. You lie down and at best can put your set in an upright position. It is very hard to get in and out of the seat. I was on the bottom bunk which meant that I was basically sitting on the floor. The top bunk looked to be even worse to get in and out of.

I went into Dong shock when I paid my guesthouse bill this morning. After whipping out my trusty iPod calcualtor, I realized that I was only paying $21 a night, and that included the price of my visa renewal and my bus ticket all the way up to Hanoi. It is just bizzare to have to pay over a million of anything.

After purchasing my new laptop, as if on cue, Wells Fargo suspended my debit card. Wells Fargo still sucks. (However, to their credit, this was the best experience I’ve had with them fixing the problem)

I am thinking of completing my life long goal of windsurfing while in Mui Ne, and by “life long” I mean I saw a sign on the way into town.

Oh, and for those of you who were curious, I have an answer for the age old question: Charlie does in fact surf.