Next Stop Is Vietnam

This is my last night in Cambodia. Tomorrow I’m off to Saigon at 9am. I’m not looking forward to the bus ride, but is only $12 so I think I’ll survive. Sadly, the ear buds stopped working today so no music.

Phnom Penh isn’t my favorite city . I dare say it is on the lower half of my list of favorite cities. It isn’t so much that there is anything wrong with it as there isn’t much very exciting about it. When your top tourist attraction revolves around genocide, I don’t think you are going to making many “greatest city” lists. I’d like to visit again in 10 years and see how it has fared.

I went to the shooting range in Phnom Penh yesterday (one of the listed attractions here) and fired an M16. I got to unload a full clip, half of which was on automatic. Honestly, the gun was really a rusted out piece of crap which was probably a left over from the war. Nonetheless, I did quite well considering I didn’t get to sight in the gun and I had never fired an automatic weapon before. 28/30 rounds hit the target.

Other than that, I haven’t done too much. I visited the Killing Fields and Tuel Seng museum as well as Wat Phnom and a bit of the Royal Palace. I’ve been told that Saigon is more dynamic than Phnom Pehn, and I hope so. I still have a ton of photos from Angkor to go through, so I am hoping the internet in Vietnam is somewhat better than here so I can get some uploaded.