Angkor WOW

Buddha at Angkor
Buddha at Angkor
I just got back from my first visit to Angkor Wat.


Traveling as long as I have, I think i tend to get jaded having seen so many things. I really wasn’t too sure what to expect at Angkor, but whatever my expectations were, they were exceeded.

Angkor is a really special place. What I found so amazing was just how much of it there is. The actual Angkor Wat is only one temple among many. The whole Angkor complex reminds me of Nara or Nikko, Japan. You can see ruins everywhere. When everything here was new, it must have been the most beautiful place on Earth. (I’m sure sometime between then and now, Angkor fell out of style and was considered the ancient Asian equivalent of shag carpet and wood paneling.)

I burned through both memory cards on my camera (4gb and 2gb) in about 5 hours, a new record.

I’m going through my photos as I write this. Some are really amazing. Some of my best work ever. I have no idea when I will be able to upload these as the internet in Siem Reap is horrible. I may also not be going to Phnom Penh directly as I am going to try and visit another less visited temple near the Thai border (or I may wait to go back to Thailand as it is actually easier to go from Thailand, even though the temple is in Cambodia).

I sweated so much today that everything I had on me was drenched. I am going to have to put my wallet and iPod in a plastic bag tomorrow. I also have to bring a towel as my glasses got so dirty from sweat, I couldn’t clean them. Its hot, humid, and I’m lugging around my camera and tripod.

Up again early for more tomb raiding.