Boy, Is My Face Red

Well, I survived the summit, or to be more accurate, the hike on a paved path up a hill. However, I got a good dose of sun while I was out walking. I probably walked about 8 miles (15 km) yesterday. The only reason my sunburn isn’t worse is that I was pretty tanned before yesterday. It was the first day I wore socks and boots in over a month and I now have a tan line where my socks were.

I’m in Canberra today. I’ll be here for two nights before I head to the Blue Mountains, then drop my car off in Sydney. Now that I’m in Canberra again, I’m sort of back on the backpackers circuit in Australia. Lots of early 20-somethings around. I fear what it will be like in Sydney.

From Sydney, I’ll send out some mail, explore the city, and then fly to Tasmania for a few days. If possible, I’ll try to fly to Lord Howe Island as well.

Today I’ll go visit the sites in Canberra (Parliament building, war memorial, etc) then try to get the photos I took from the last week up on Flickr.