Mungo Ahoy!

I’m currently in Horsham, Victoria at the tourist information center because they seemed to be the only place that had an internet terminal.

The enormity of Australia is starting to sink in as I have to actually drive it. You can understand it intellectually, but until you have to actually cross it, it really doesn’t sink in. The funny thing is, Victoria is one of the small states.

Today I’m heading north into the outback region of New South Wales to Mungo National Park, part of the Wilandra Lakes World Heritage Site. It is lots of desert. Should have some stunning photos.

After that, I’m coming back into Victoria to the wine region and then I’m going to “climb” Mount Kosciusko, the highest peak in Australia and one of the Seven Summits. (Climb isn’t really the right word. You take a cable car half of the way up from what I understand. The rest is an easy hike.)

Speaking of photos, I took 6gb of photos on the Great Ocean Road. Just stunning. I’m running out of space on my computer/external HD. I’m burning old stuff to DVD every night. Internet access, as in most rural areas, isn’t very good. Gas is very expensive. I’m paying AUS$50 for about half a tank.