I Need Help

I’m putting up the bat signal on this one. I prefer to keep my posts on the website on topic with my trip, but I need help and I figure it would be easiest to just make a general plea. There are several things I’d like to fix on my site before I leave Melbourne …

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First Impressions of Melbourne

I’m plowing through my photos. If you take a look at my Flickr stream, you can seem I finished Sabah and Jakarta yesterday. I’m hoping to get everything else done today. I think everyone at this hostel thinks I’m weird because I sat in front of my computer most of yesterday. The process of getting …

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I Had To Share This

I’m sitting here waiting on my photos to upload to Flickr and I came across this. The name of the song is Everything Everywhere by The DJ Double Awesome. What are the odds? :)

Trip Odometer

Yesterday marked the 11 month anniversary of me closing on my house and starting my trip. I took the time and made an estimate of how far I’ve traveled during the last 11 months. I used Google Earth for this estimate. I rounded everything to the nearest 10 miles. It doesn’t include short trips, walking, …

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Vacation From Vacation

I’ve started my Melbourne vacation from vacation. It has been a pretty productive first day. I got a new site up and running. It is called Where On Google Earth?. It is pretty simple. I put up an image from Google Earth and you guess where it is from. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going through …

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My Interesting Morning

So, I wake up this morning before dawn to check my email before my flight. I do what I do, grab my bags and get a cab. The cab driver doesn’t really speak English and points towards the government palace, makes a shooting action with his fingers and says “very bad, very bad”. I get …

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Exit, Stage East

I leave Dili for Darwin in a few hours. While I haven’t spent much time here in East Timor, the experience has been very eye opening. I spent yesterday walking the streets of Dili taking video. I happened upon a demonstration by a local martial arts club (aka gang). Once I get settled in Australia, …

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