What I Did On My Vacation From Vacation

A quick summary of where the last several weeks have gone:

– I got a 160gb Firewire hard drive for my laptop. This pretty much solved the “where do I put my photos” problem with a vengeance. Between this, my old iPod and my laptop, I have more than enough room for anything digital. I’m also sending DVDs with photos burned onto them back to the US.

– I got a 12-24mm lens for my camera. This should be much better for taking landscape and wide-angle photos. I’ve been using only one lens up until now, an 18-200mm lens. I found the limits of what I can do with it on Rennell. It can zoom, but it’s not really a zoom lens. I would have failed on my national geographic assignment. I’m already thinking ahead about what I’ll do in Africa. I’ve read about places that rent out camera equipment. Renting a huge zoom lens is probably my best bet. I’m certainly not going to buy one and lug it around the world.

– I also purchased a second laptop battery. This should make it easier to do stuff away from the grid. It was an issue on Rennell.

– Amy sent me two pairs of ExOfficio boxer briefs (the official underwear of Everything Everywhere). Seriously, these are the best purchases I have made for this trip.

– I got my epic flying mount and got my hunter alt to level 70.

– Read about seven novels and “Punctuated Equilibrium” by Steven Jay Gould.

Leaving Hawaii

I’m finally leaving Hawaii today. I’m off to Guam for my SEVENTH crossing of the International Date Line of my trip. This is also the longest flight of my trip by a wide margin. It might just be the longest flight I take during the entire trip.

I am very much ready to leave Hawaii. Waikiki has grown sort of stale and I’m ready for something new. I have absolutely no preconceived notions of what Guam will be like, so it should be interesting. I’ll be flying in and out of Guam several times as I visit the neighboring countries.

My schedule for the next few weeks includes Saipan (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands), Majuro (Republic of the Marshall Islands), Kosare (Federated States of Micronesia), Phonpei (FSM), Chuuk (FSM), Yap (FSM) and Palau.