National Geographic Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

I have most of my New Zealand photos up now. (Well, I took over 400 photos, but I have what I think are the best ones up)

You can view the New Zealand group here.

I had a hard time taking photos in NZ because of the overcast skies. The good photos either didn’t have any sky in it, or there was some sunlight that managed to peek through.

One goal I have is to be able to decorate my house with photos from my trip. I hope to get at least one really good photo from each location that could get printed and go up on the wall. I think I’m about on track so far. Please feel free to add a comment on any Flickr photos you like. All my photos are distributed under the Creative Commons license. That basically means, if you want to use it for a wallpaper or whatever, go ahead. If you use it online, just give attribution. You just can’t sell any prints….like that is a big worry.