Kwik Update

I’m not going to Fiji tomorrow.

I’m staying in Auckland two more days to get my act together and relax. I spent most of today just burning DVDs and hadn’t much time to do much else yet.

My Name is Matt Foley. I Am A Motivational Speaker. I am 35 Years Old, Divorced, and I Live In A Van Down In NEW ZEALAND

This is where I’ve been living for the last two weeks.

The campervan is a pretty economical way to travel in New Zealand. The van cost NZ$39 per day and was a diesel, which sold for about NZ$0.97-1.04 per liter (there was also a NZ$3 per 100 km tax I had to pay at the end). The van came with bedding and cooking gear so I didn’t need to provide anything. The campsites I stayed at ran between NZ$12-20 per night. They had showers, internet terminals and kitchens. The combined savings for having your rental car be your lodging is probably worth it.

What I would have done differently is not made the drive back to Auckland. I would have just dropped the camper off in Queenstown and flown back to Auckland. Not only would I have saved money driving (and ferry fees) but I would have had several more days to see stuff as well.

As far as I know, they have similar campervan rentals in Australia and the UK. I’m sure I’ll end up using that when I’m in both places, as its is the cheapest way to travel and sleep.

I don’t want to have to drive back across Australia however….