For those who are interested…

I’m playing around with Google Earth. I’ve manually created a .kmz file for Google Earth that shows the locations I’m going to be visiting in the Pacific Island part of my trip. You can download it here.

I eventually want to automate the .kmz file from the posts on the website, but I’m not sure how to do that yet. There might be a WordPress plug-in that already does it, but I haven’t found it.

If you don’t have Google Earth, you should get it. You can easily waste an evening just zooming into places around the world. (it’s not the same thing as Google Maps. This is a desktop program you install)

Eat Cheese or Die

I’m in Wisconsin right now updating on a dial-up connection at my parent’s house. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be shuttling back and forth between Minnesota and here moving boxes of books and other crap I’ve accumulated.

The house has been up on the market for only a few days but it’s getting a pretty good response. I’ve had 4 people come through on Tuesday and a few on Wednesday.

I got to meet Scotty and Fiddy from> on Sunday. What they’re doing is sort of audacious. They’re trying to hit all 50 state capitals in 50 days via hitchhiking. They had no real plan on how they were going to get anywhere, did manage to visit Alaska already. How they get to Hawaii is still totally up in the air.

This is a short update as dial-up is the more painful than passing a kidney stone.