Vanuatu Blues

Posted: July 22, 2007    Categories: Vanuatu

Port Vila Harbor

Port Vila Harbor

I really had high hopes for Vanuatu. They have all been dashed. Vanuatu has turned out to be a total bust.

Its been overcast and rainy most of my time here. That means I haven’t been able to get off the island, take any tours of the island, or even take any good photos of Port Vila. I’ve read my books, scrounged for decent internet (lots of connections but most are crappy), and ate. That has been my last several days.

Oh, I have no clue if I’m leaving the island tomorrow. My ticket to Honoria has me flying stand-by. There is only one flight a week from Port Vila to Honoria. There are pluses and minuses to both getting the flight and not getting the flight.

Given the cloudy weather, I’ve taken a few HDR photos of Port Vila….not that there is much to take photos of here.

Oh well, I’ve set up shop today at the yacht club in the harbor. They seem to have the best wireless connection I’ve found and I get to talk to people who sailed here. Maybe someone can give me a lift to the Solomons.

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