The Good Life, Vietnam Style

Posted: November 11, 2008    Categories: Vietnam

I’ve been in Mui Ne a few days now and have enjoyed it. It isn’t very busy this time of year and it shows. The area seems built for much larger crowds than what are currently here. There is also lots of construction going on.

I’ve eaten better here than I have in ages. There are several seafood restaurants in Mui Ne which offer selections caught that day. Last night I had a grilled squid, a HUGE tiger prawn which was basically a small lobster, and two clams. With two drinks the total price was $8. The clams were 2000 dong apiece, or about 12 cents. The squid was 40,000 or about $2.30. Even in Phuket, I paid waaay more for seafood than I’m paying here. A meal like this almost anywhere else would be over $50.

I’m typing this at a bar with wifi about 30 feet from the beach. The waves are unusually strong today and no one is out kiteboarding. There are an abnormal number of people here with laptops. I think I counted a dozen in one bar alone the other day. A lot of Russians here also, which I haven’t encountered on my trip before.

I’ll be here one more full day tomorrow before heading up the road to Nah Trang for a few days.

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