Tuesday Travel Update – Talking in Toronto

Posted: May 28, 2013    Categories: Site News

TorontoAfter flying from Rome, Berlin, Brussels and New York I’ve finally arrived in Toronto for the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) annual conference. This is the 5th North American TBEX I’ve attended and it has quickly become the Super Bowl for my little industry. This week is a break from traveling for me and is nothing but parties, receptions and business meetings.

Toronto also happens to be the headquarters for G Adventures, which as you know by now, is my principal sponsor. In fact I’ve set up in a cubical today in Base Came (their name for the Toronto office) and am working on their blazingly fast internet connection.

I haven’t been here since last September and they’ve remodeled 2/3 of their office. It looks great and has a very contemporary design. I always enjoy coming to Base Camp and meeting all the G people I only get to see once or twice a year.

Despite my busy schedule this week, I actually consider this rather relaxing compared to my normal schedule. I get the luxury of staying in the same hotel for 5 whole days(!) and get to meet many people who I’ve only met online. The most stressful thing I have to do is hobnob and drink.

On Sunday I will be part of the closing keynote along with my This Week in Travel co-hosts Chris Christensen and Jen Leo. We’ll be doing a roundtable wrap-up of the weekend and the big issues in new travel media.

After that I’ll be heading back to Wisconsin for a week before beginning my big Caribbean adventure which will go through the summer.

Discussions of the Week

Over at the forum there is a lively discussion on the role and future of guidebooks. Do you use guidebooks? If so, which ones? If not, why? Do you think they will be around in another 5-10 years?

Been thinking of going to Micronesia? Some members of the forum have and they got some useful information.

This week’s photo theme is “Trees”. Share your favorite image that fits the theme of “trees”.

Sponsor Updates

This is the final week to submit your ideas for the G Project.

G Adventures is taking submissions from people on their ideas to make the world a better place. They will take the top 16 ideas as finalists and pick 4 from that group to go to Costa Rica and present their ideas in person. 1 person will get $25,000 to put towards their project to make it a reality.

Head over to ThisIsYourPlanet.com and submit your idea before the deadline: June 3, 3pm EDT.


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