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UNESCO World Heritage Site #225: St Mary’s Cathedral and St Michael’s Church at Hildesheim

From the World Heritage inscription: St Michael’s Church has exerted great influence on developments in architecture. The complex bears exceptional testimony to a civilization that has disappeared. These two edifices and their artistic treasures give a better overall and more immediate understanding than any other decoration in Romanesque churches in the Christian West. The ancient […]

I’m Making the Jump to Print: Say Hello to the New Staff Writer for Newsweek Magazine!

I’ve been working with my manager the last several months on a major deal with a large publishing outlet. After weeks of contract negotiations I’m happy to announce that starting today I am the new traveling correspondent for Newsweek Magazine! This deal is a dream come true for me and the fulfillment of years of […]

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My name is Gary Arndt. In March 2007 I set out to travel around the world...
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