Help Eliminate Pretentious Travel Douchebag Syndrome

You have probably met them.

They get back from a semester of study abroad or their 2-week vacation in Europe and all they can talk about is where they’ve just been.

Talking about it isn’t so bad, but they somehow manage to drop the fact that they’ve just been abroad into every single conversation.

..and it isn’t just the fact that they constantly mention it, but they also have to repeatedly mention how great it was.

You: This is a good hamburger.

Them: I guess. It isn’t as good as the hamburgers they have in Paris. Those are the best in the world!

You: *Roll your eyes*

They suffer from PTDS (Pretentious Travel Douchebag Syndrome). They just got back and they feel the need tell everyone they meet how much better things are “over there” and somehow bring every conversation around to talking about their recent trip.
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