Up to My Ears in Penguin Photos

Posted: May 29, 2012    Categories: Site News

Rockhopper Penguin in the Falkland Islands

Rockhopper Penguin in the Falkland Islands

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the United States. It is the day which traditionally marks the beginning of summer as it is around this time when kids get out of school and people begin planning their vacations.

I spent all of this weekend in a dark basement trying to get through the photos I took during the first half of 2012. So far I’ve gotten through about 4,000 images and I still have about 6,000 more to go. I’ve been rather quiet on social media and blogging this last week just because most of my effort has been on the photography front.

There are two positive things I have to say about this process: 1) processing wildlife photos goes quickly because you delete so many of them. 2) Editing photos is like getting a second trip back to the places you original visited.

I am really pleased with how some of the photos are turning out and I can’t wait to share them.

I’ll be chained to my computer in a dark basement for another 2 weeks until I travel to Colorado for the annual TBEX conference. My goal is to achieve Lightroom Zero by then.

Here are a bunch of other things going on in my world:


My intern Brendan Cooper, who assembles my email newsletter, will be graduating in June with Master of Science in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. As part of his studies he has done research on economic dynamics in the tourism industry, particularly focused on ecotourism and sustainability. He’s also run his own day tour operation, CooperTours in Minnesota.

His is interested in an operational (e.g. tour leader) or more analytical (office-based) role for an organization in the tourism industry, including sub-sectors such as hotels, tour operators, etc. If you are interested in a great hire for your travel company, you can contact him directly: coope559@umn.edu.


I’ll be speaking once again this year at the annual Travel Blog Exchange conference in Colorado in June. If you are in the travel and tourism industry, I highly recommend attending. I’ll be speaking on a pannel with Dave and Deb from ThePlanetD.com

My sponsors G Adventures and Scottevest will both be in attendance. In fact, Scott Jordan will be driving his VW van down from Idaho!


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