G Adventures Wanderers in Residence Program

Posted: November 7, 2010    Categories: Site News

I’m proud to announce my association with G Adventures as one of the first members in the Wanderers in Residence program.

This is actually a big deal for me. If you have noticed, I don’t run any advertising on my site. I’m very picky about what I put on my site and who I associate myself with. I have a small handful of pages where I run some ads as a test, but for the most part I don’t want to put anything on my site that I don’t control or I can’t vouch for.

A while ago I made a list for myself of companies in the travel industry I’d be willing to work with if the opportunity ever arose. G was one of a small number of companies on the list. Just to give you an idea how small the list was, I could count the companies on the list with one hand.

Last August when I drove through Toronto on my Eastern Canada road trip, I had lunch G Adventure founder Bruce Poon Tip. He told me about his plan to get a small group of travelers who represented the spirit of travel. He thought about getting celebrity endorsers but instead decided to go with real people who really travel. I told him I was in.

Why G Adventures?

Why did G make the cut of travel companies I would want to work with?

First, they are very forward thinking with their use of the Internet. If visit enough travel sites you’ll probably see ads from G. Almost all of their employees are on Twitter, they produce a lot of great video content, the have a great website and really seem to understand the culture of the Internet.

Second, they have a great corporate culture. Whatever doubts I might have had about being associated with them were dashed when I got to meet the people at their Toronto office. Having run a business in the past, I have a pretty good sense of when a corporate culture is healthy, and G passed with flying colors.

Finally, I like entrepreneurial companies. Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of the company (not the CEO, but that’s another story) started the company on a shoestring 20 years ago and still is the face of the firm. Pretty much every great company is run by its founder.

How Will We Be Working Together?

I’ll be going on several G Adventure tours each year. G tours range from under a week to 40 days and go to many locations which I still haven’t visited, such as East Africa, Antarctica and India. I’ll basically be doing what I normally do anyhow: blogging, tweeting and taking photos of the places I visit.

I’ll be visiting regional G offices when I happen to be in town. For example, I’ll be in Bangkok later this month and I’ll stop by and meet the team there.

I’ll be providing some informal advice on new tours they develop, photography from the tours I take, and of course helping to promote G Adventures.

This is a very exciting program not just for me, but also a landmark program for how companies are working with bloggers. I’m really excited about this program and look forward to the opportunities it will open.

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