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Daily Travel Photo – Angkor, Cambodia

The faces of Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia

The faces of Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia

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  1. dominik says:

    most beautiful place on earth,in direct connection to the pyramids,rapanui,stonehenge,teotihuacan…the secret of life and the universe is hidden in those monuments.

  2. I wonder how they made it in ancient time!


    • ravi says:

      Because, u do not to about artitecture and the History of craftmanship.This temple was established and founded by the Indian architects and also the most of the King came from India specially varman family, who ruled for long time in over the temple you will find the God and Godesses from Indian mythology. You can learn these things looking at Ajanta and Ellura temples near Bombay in India(AURANGABAD), Khajuraho in M.P., when the B.desh was also a part of India , Plesae study and do not surprise, my dear.The best of luck

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