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WIN One of Two Computer Travel Bags from Frommer’s: $110 Value


Prize #1: Echo Laptop Backpack

My first contest for 2010 is a great one. I’m giving away a computer backpack and a laptop sleeve from the line of Frommer’s Travel Collection by Lug. I selected these because I thought they’d be the prefect gifts for my readers as they like to travel and are very technically savvy.

First prize will be the Echo Computer Backpack, an $80 value.

E stands for everything, as in the Echo has it all! This lightweight pack is perfect for travel, work, or school with its pockets for paperwork, pens, and electronic accessories, plus a padded compartment that keeps your computer cradled. The fit is fantastic, and there’s no more scrambling for that buzzing phone with the convenient shoulder strap cell pocket. The easy-wipe bottom helps keep it clean.

Prize #2: Delta 17 Laptop Sleeve

Second prize is the Delta 17 Laptop Sleeve, a $30 value:

The biggest in our series of laptop sleeves, the 17” Delta gets down to business storing all your work necessities in a lightweight sleeve. The padded interior supports your computer, while the large pocket stores papers, pens, and computer accessories like your power cord and mouse. Speaking of mouse, flip the Delta and on the case you’ll find a built-in mouse pad. So smart!

As usual, entering the contest is easy. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite piece of travel luggage or bag is. I’ll pick two comments via and the contest will end on March 7.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I use an oversized purse. It’s not glamorous, but it gets the job done. :)

  2. Ben says:

    I love my Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home. The Kata 467 is great for camera gear as well.

  3. Krista says:

    My favorite piece of luggage is my High Sierra rolling duffel. It has been EVERYWHERE with me, all over Europe, New Zealand, Fiji and I love it. It’s easy to transport, flexible so I can fit odd-sized things easily, it has never been overweight no matter how much I cram in it, it’s never been torn, ripped or cracked, and I’ve had it for years. My most faithful travel companion. :-)

  4. Mine is a big old thing that looks like Mary Poppins bag, I got it at a flea market and it is falling apart. Thanks for the chance.

  5. dman says:

    i use a gap messenger bag for daily commute.

  6. Not enough travel to have found a favorite bag but I am hoping to change that very, very soon.

  7. Two things I cannot live without would be my Travelmate Spinner carry-on luggage and my old canvas messenger bag. The spinner is the right size to fit on most all flights overheads and I just love the fact that I can push it before me or pull it with its 4 independent wheels. My messenger bag is not a brand but looks like it was made from an old green army tent, very no frills but does the job brilliantly. And the strap is long enough to work well with my 6’3″ frame!

  8. Jot says:

    Computer: I love my Timbuktu messenger bag. Looks like new after almost 4 years.
    Business travel: REI roller bag that has the ability to “transform” into a backpack. Great for those flights that they are “checking all roller bags” and suddenly it isn’t one.
    Longer travel: The “vacuum bags” that you roll (no actual vacuum involved) and the clothes folders and packers.

    I still haven’t found a Dopp kit bag that I like. I have one I’ve had for a few years that I just tolerate.


  9. Great contest Gary – and very cool choice of prizes!

    My favorite piece of luggage right now is my pink rolling computer bag – I really love it since it rolls nicely down the aisle of every plane I’ve been on, but I’m looking for something now that doesn’t roll, as there are times when I would like to go all carryon, but don’t like dealing with two rolling bags – this Echo would be perfect!

  10. marvin says:

    I have a messenger bag that fits a Crumpler bucket. I can carry a bunch of camera gear or I can pull the bucket out if I want to use the bag for other things.

  11. Jocey says:

    My favorite bag is a sadly battered old messenger bag — without looking at it, I can’t even remember the brand, but it’s on the small side of medium and it holds just enough for an overnight trip.

  12. lh says:

    My favorite travel luggage is a piece that I received from work for a service anniversary award. I really need a laptop bag!!

  13. danielle says:

    other then my backpack, i would say it is that bathroom packing kit thing. You unwrap it and everything you need is right there, and the flap that normally keeps everything contained flips open into a hanger so you can hang it all on a hook or towel bar. Very awesome when you stay at places with no counters and just those little standing sinks.

  14. Shannon B says:

    My computer backpack as if i’m going overnight, I throw everything in there.

  15. Kevin says:

    I suppose right now it is my North Face Recon II backpack, however I find it can be a bit tight when packed full, which can happen when you put a camera, laptop (and chargers), basic toiletries, and change of clothes in there. About 6 months after I bought it, a new version came out that was taller (less bulky and more streamlined) and had 3 liters more of space. I think that would be my ideal backpack.

  16. Aaliyah says:

    Right now I use an old canvas bag to lug my laptop when I travel. Winning the Echo Computer Backpack would be a welcomed upgrade for me. It looks fabulous.

  17. Marshall says:

    My favorite bag this week is my eBag Weekender. Max size for carry-on allowance, and made it through a week in Spain with no problems last year.

  18. Ned Hayes says:

    I love my OGIO backpacks — (I own 2 of them) — best business travel backpacks I’ve found. Great padding for my laptop, solid construction, and many small pockets for cables and such. Go OGIO !!!

  19. Ned Hayes says:

    I love my OGIO backpacks (I have 2 of them) — the best business travel backpacks I’ve found. Great padding for my laptop, lots of space for everything else… and many small pockets for cables, and such. Go OGIO !!!

  20. Sonia says:

    I <3 my REI Vagabond backpack because it's smallish (2800ci) which forces me to pack light! Even though it small, it's still got lots of pockets and subdivisions, and has been pretty comfortable so far. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect daybag though, and would love to try out either of these goodies! :)

  21. Keith says:

    My Samsonite backpack is a perfect fit for my ’15 MacBook Pro.

  22. Scott says:

    I love my pacsafe daypack, but having just got a new laptop, I could definitely use a laptop bag!

  23. sandy says:

    my favorite travel accesory is a messanger bag I got a few years ago- holds alot and goes thru security with no hassles

  24. I have a SHErpa messenger bag that works perfecly for my camera and extra lens and gear. Not too big, no hands required, and easy access. Got it at REI several years ago, and use it every time I head out of town.

  25. Jo Nelgadde says:

    I love the idea that I can mix fashion and travel onvenience and get the ideal travel luggage companion. I bought mine from Mango and it is small enough (if I don’t stuff it full) to be a stylish handbag and big enough to be a day bag. It has proven to be extremely durable and hardy over the past 2 years too over several trips!

  26. My two US military green canvas duffel bags. All they cost were two enlistments!

  27. Ashley says:

    I cannot go anywhere without my current laptop bag. It has a padded pocket for my computer, a whole slew of zippers and mini-pockets for accessories, two large side pockets for my water bottle and my wallet + keys, a cell-phone pouch on one of the straps, and a music-player pocket on the outside with a thread for headphones.

    My boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t have a case big enough to fit his new 17″ widescreen laptop…

  28. Alexiss says:

    Right now, it’s between two timbuk2 bags for me, depending where I’m going. I have the Marina ( and the Swig (

  29. Katie says:

    I bought a knock-off Kipling rolling backpack that I like a lot – it holds a ton, and if I don’t stuff it full, I can put it on my back without too much difficulty. A waist strap would have been nice, but it’ll do for needing a second rolling bag for now.

  30. marta says:

    we have being using a northface cross shoulder bag which we just love it; cool -simple design, tough and waterproof.

  31. Brian says:

    I’m using a Swissgear Synergy backpack and it’s been working well for me, lugging laptop to and from work each day.

  32. Steph Rankin says:

    I have a funky-coloured purple and pink rollbag that’s perfect for travelling. As yet, my laptop remains bagless!

  33. My favorite piece of travel gear is the LL Bean Touring Travel Bag:

    It fits my little MacBook perfectly, and the black canvas is unobtrusive and doesn’t look like a laptop bag, which is great for higher-risk areas.

  34. bethany says:

    Hi Gary,

    This looks like a cool bag! I have been searching for the perfect bag for months. What I want is one that I can combine my laptop with my camera gear in. (I take out the padded insert from the camera bag and put it in the backpack to make it dual purpose). I have an awesome bag now but I am going to return it because it is just too big for traveling. This one looks like it might be the perfect size!

    Thanks for the contest! – Beth

    BTW – what bag do you use for your camera gear and/or laptop?

  35. Jeremy says:

    I mainly use a cheap Gap shoulder bag that was on sale. It’s durable, and I don’t usually care if it gets nicked up or anything, since it was only $25. Maybe now I’ll end up with something better! Thanks!

  36. Enjoy reading. Your site is an inspiration. Hope to win;-)

  37. Melanie says:

    Hey Gary,
    I still haven’t found the perfect laptop/travel bag – I am always looking – either they are too heavy, of if they have wheels I keep dropping them when trying to catch a flight.

    Once as I was walkiing through the Hawaii airport at the beginning of a flight with a rolling laptop/travel bag – I turned suddenly and the handle went into my thigh – lovely bruise for the rest of the trip!

    Maybe this will be the perfect one if I win?


  38. Cheryl says:

    I love using a mini backpack that carries all I need for the day, yet is not too heavy. That backpack you have here would be great too especially if you have a laptop!


  39. Stephen says:

    My favorite bag is my normal book bag. It’s a normal sized eddie bauer bag that has an expandable section at the bottom to increase the inner space by 50% or so.

  40. MousE says:

    Hi Gary,

    Well I’d like to win the backpack. This contest idea is fabulous! I don’t always comment, but I read every post. Thank you for blogging.

  41. Babel says:

    an old and stinky kitbag :)

  42. Jeff says:

    I am a professional photographer so I have to say I love me some of that lowepro waist camera packs. Not only can you carry them like a purse (over your shoulder), but also fits nicely strapped to a backpack.

  43. Susan says:

    I have a teeny tiny leather purse (about the size of a box of pop tarts) that somehow manages to hold my phone, camera, extra batteries, keys, sunglasses, lipsticks, cough drops, credit cards, cash, business cards, hand sanitizer, band aids, name tag, dental floss, two pens, an optional shoulder strap, and anything else I’m forgetting in its little compartments – it holds everything! I only wish I could remember where I bought it (although this one has held up fine for years now) since everyone who sees me pull all this stuff out of my magical bag wants one, too!

  44. I use one of those Swiss-Army branded laptop backpacks when I travel. I call it “my office” but I can also pack enough clothing to spend up to a week somewhere. I travel light, don’t wear suits and such, and do not like to check bags of any kind if I can avoid it. I usually avoid it.

  45. Allison says:

    My favorite is an oversized purse. It is great because I can use it as my only carryon if I need to or I can rolling suitcase – but we always struggle with how to carry the laptop – the Echo bag would be perfect!

  46. DR says:

    I have a small CamelBack daypack that is perfect for overnight trips or for holding a lunch and water for a day of touring in a city or hiking.

  47. elizabeth says:

    Great prize. Would love one of these when I go to conferences. Laptops and gear can be so heavy!

  48. reva skie says:

    Nice gear, thanks for the chance. :)

  49. I adore the Echo Computer Backpack, and in red too! :) Nice contest!

  50. I am First Hope i win lol

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