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My Evolution As A Photographer

Posted by on November 30, 2009

This photo, taken in Wadi Rum, has been one of my most popular

This photo, taken in Wadi Rum, has been one of my most popular

A few days ago was the second anniversary of my first daily photo. Since then, I’ve put a photo on my website for over 730 consecutive days. It was originally just a way for me to put something up every day without having to write something. I was just being lazy. Somewhere along the way, photography has become the signature feature of my website. So much so that some people consider my site to be a photoblog, which I something I do not consider it.

When I first started traveling, I didn’t know my ISO from my aperture. I literally was so ignorant of the basics of photography, I’m embarrassed to talk about it. I purchased a camera which was way over my head in terms of my ability that in hindsight I should have been prevented from buying it by the store owner. My initial goal for taking photos wasn’t to put images online, it was to one day be able to decorate the walls of my home when I was done traveling. I envisioned the walls being covered with photos of the places I’ve been. I still might do that, but things have gone in a totally different direction.