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Free Stuff Friday: Dead Sea Mud

Shore of the Dead Sea

Shore of the Dead Sea

I know what you are thinking. Mud? I’m only giving away mud because I couldn’t find packaged dirt.

Mud from the Dead Sea may or may not cure cancer.

Mud from the Dead Sea may or may not cure cancer.

This weeks freebie is part of the very land of Israel itself. Mud taken from the curing and restorative waters of the Dead Sea. What is special about Dead Sea mud? Consider the following:

  • It is biodegradable
  • It is non-toxic
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Safe for those with peanut allergies
  • Low carb
  • Low fat
  • All Natural
  • Created with solar power

In addition to all of that, it will make you beautiful. Those people on the package are in their mid 80’s.

This magical package of mud can be all yours for the low price of nothing. All you have to do is leave a comment in this thread and tell me what other properties of the mud I’m missing, or just tell me what you’d do with a package of mud. I don’t believe I’ve tapped the full marketing potential of this stuff.

In about a week I’ll close off the comments and go to to pick a winner.

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  1. alan says:

    I know people who pay good money for products that have dead sea mud in them, so free is an awfully nice offer

  2. Keith says:

    I visited the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea quite a few years ago. That floating experience was incredible. Also tried the mud and as Madison (above) said, it makes your skin tingle. The mud is rich in all sorts of minerals and it supposedly improves the skin’s elasticity.

  3. josie says:

    interesting…very interesting

  4. Gaia says:

    I have been there to that mud before, so I will pass on the mud, perhaps when I am in Panama I can get you a nice handicraft to support people living in impoverished conditions.

    Let’s go with that pk. I did a trip around the world on my own several years ago. It was eye opening. more later?

  5. Madison says:

    dead sea mud is amazing for the skin. i’ve used it before and there’s no substitute. You can feel the tingle when you apply iy.

    THANKS for the greta pics of where it actually comes from. Now if we could just import all that super mineralized water!

  6. Kevin Foster says:

    Whats up today.
    Hit Belize you will love it.
    Let me know I have many friends there.

  7. EtzelSquad says:

    Sounds like something I would like to try!

  8. Oh! She would dig that!

  9. fiazio says:

    Looks interesting, I’m planning to go to the Himalayas this May, You want to join ? Let me know .

  10. Yvonne says:

    It might be interesting having the mud……

  11. William says:

    I’d be afraid to open the bag lest it contaminate the local soil and cause an agricultural disaster. I might pass it on as a gag gift or use it as a white elephant gift.

  12. Marc says:

    Holy… mud?

  13. eve says:

    this stuff makes my face so soft, not the same brand I have used before, but still the same stuff LOL

  14. Heidi says:

    Great job on your travels Gary. Love reading your blog and love that you give away little freebies along the way!

  15. Nellie says:

    Not going to lie, I really thought I was going to see a pile of mud when I clicked on the link. Almost disappointed that it is packaged so nice and pretty!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, oh! Pick me, pick me! :)

  17. Sherry says:

    I have not try this before… dead sea mud I have not seen before.

  18. Lisa Mann says:

    That faint rotten egg smewll will bring back memories. It is faint, isn;’ it?

  19. Mary Jo says:

    Not quite as good as being there — but as close as I’m going to get for awhile!

  20. Nan Olivieri says:

    Dead Sea Mud? I “LOVE” dead sea mud!

  21. Drew Lake says:

    Works great as a human marinade!

  22. Kelly says:

    Maybe it’ll also cure the swine flu pandemic that his coming out of Mexico.

  23. Alan Mizell says:

    I believe that mud is also kosher AND endorsed by God, the ultimate celebrity! Alan

  24. Crystal says:

    It’s like a 1-up (or an extra life, for those of you too young to remember Mario) for the Judeo-Christians who always wanted to visit Israel!

  25. mmm… nothing tops the feeling of being at the dead sea… lowest place on earth with the “highest” feeling. being re-born, so exquisite. love the products- AHAVA (which means “love” in Hebrew) @ it’s best =)

    i follow you on twitter: yaeli38

  26. Verleen says:

    You’ve heard of mud wrestling, right? LOL! Women, bikinis… the men would love it!

  27. Sir Robert says:

    I had the opportunity once to visit the Dead Sea, but didn’t bring back any of the mud. Thanx for another chance.

  28. jackie says:

    tastes great on a grilled ham and cheese with tomato on rye.

  29. Steph says:

    Hmm. Can I just go scrape up any old mud from the Dead Sea and slap it on my face? :)

  30. Elisse says:

    Hey- Cleopatra swore by it!

  31. Elisse says:

    Dead Sea Mud is THE best! Clears psoriasis & helps RH & arthritis. I went every fall for 30 days & it kept me clear for a year! The IDF sends soldiers with war wounds & broken bones to the Dead Sea as it heals. In 1985 I had wounds from tropical insect bites (Leishmonaisis) that hadn’t healed in 10 months, & my mom & I literally watched them heal inside a few hours sitting outside at the Dead Sea. An amazing place- my fave place in the world!

  32. Gudrun says:

    I would either scare or embarrass my children – scare them by putting this on my face right before they get home from school. Embarrass them by having it on my face when I pick them up. Either way, I am pretty certain it would be hysterical and cleansing! :-)

  33. Victoria says:

    After consistent use some women report increase in breast size.

  34. Most microbacteria free mud you can get!

  35. Ramona Werst says:

    Draws impurities and toxins from your skin. It cleanses and rids skin of dead cells, aiding in skin’s natural hydration and generation of new, more youthful looking cells.

  36. Kosher and cures eczema.

  37. Cures eczema, I suppose. Probably kosher.

  38. Kevin says:

    I have mud from the ocean floor, over 4km down.

  39. This WILL be the hottest new toy for kids!!!
    I know lots and lots of little fingers that can’t wait to dig into this stuff!!

  40. Dena says:

    But can you eat it???

  41. Dead Sea Mud – It’s kosher!

  42. Dawn says:

    Not sure whether this is for eating or just wiping all over my skin!

  43. Ginger says:

    ………things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  44. Bryan says:

    Scientifically proven to re-grow hair!

  45. Laura says:

    I covered myself in that mud when I was at the Dead Sea in 2006 and it really did make your skin feel amazing! (Getting that salty water in my eyes, however, did not feel so amazing.)

  46. If the mud can wait the 48 years until I turn 80 you can count me in too ;)

  47. Jeff B says:

    My name is Mud… in some parts of the world anyway…

  48. Well, mud is both clean and dirty at the same time… :P

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