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Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Posted by on April 21, 2009

I’ve really picked the most holiday packed time to visit Israel I could have. Today is Yom Hashoa in Israel, or the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Last night at about 7-8pm most of the businesses shut down. Today at 10am a siren sounded and everyone stopped and stood still for 2 minutes. Even the cars on the street or on a highway stop moving. Most of the Israeli flags are also flying at half mast today.

Between Passover and Yom Hashoa, it seems like the businesses have been closed or not operating at full capacity for most of my time here. I’m still waiting to get notified that my new laptop battery is ready, which is the real reason I’m still in Tel Aviv. I’m thinking of going up to Haifa tomorrow on a day trip to take some photos of the Bahai Terraces and some other sights along the way. Once I’ve done that and got my laptop back in working order, I’ll get my tickets and get ready to leave Israel.

I’ve been productive while I’ve been in Tel Aviv, but I think I’m ready to leave. I have about a one week limit at a place before I start to get antsy and need to move.

Contest Updates

Posted by on April 21, 2009

The answer for Where on Google Earth Contest #91 was Palau. I visited Palau back in September of 2007. It had some of the best diving I’ve experienced in the world. Click on the link above to watch the jellyfish video I shot in the Jellyfish Lake.

Contest #92 is a place I visited in 2008:

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On another contest note. The Hebrew Coca-Cola T-Shirt contest is now closed. The winner is author/writer Brian Laesch. I’ll have another contest in a day or two. I’m thinking I’ll pick something up in Haifa.