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Daily Travel Photo – Coober Pedy, South Australia

Moonscape, The Breakaways, Coober Peady, South Australia

Moonscape, The Breakaways, Coober Pedy, South Australia

This very alien looking surface isn’t Mars, it is the Breakaways in South Australia. An extremely flat, rock strewn stretch of land which is very similar in composition and color to the photos returned by Martian landers. Note the moon in the upper left, which I thought made for an interesting contrast: moon and the moonscape.

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  1. I see the view hasn’t changed much since I was there in 1982. A few of the rocks seem to have moved around a bit, that’s about it.

  2. Stevo says:

    It does look like Mars. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. is so much like the moon that NASA tested the “Moon buggies” there in the 60s.

  3. critic says:

    If you are in Alexandria why the F@ck are you posting a travel pjc of the day from Australia? Location based spatial analysis makes me want to call bullshit on you and your whole operation. All BS aside, you are not really traveling around the world, are you? If I was in Alexandria Egypt you can bet your ass I would be posting a pic a day from Alexandria Egypt.

    • Gary Arndt says:


      There are thousands of blogs which people have made while traveling. I dare you fine one that a) posts a photo every day, and b) posts a photo of the location where they are at. There is a good reason why no one does it. It just isn't possible. When I made my last post, I had been in Alexandria for all of 5 hours. I haven't been anywhere or seen anything, and I certainly haven't taken any photos.

      The reason I post photos of places I was, as opposed to where I am, is because I can't take photos, process photos and upload photos in real time. Especially given the bandwidth conditions I've had to deal with in the last two months in the Middle East.

      I have probably pressed the shutter of my camera bout 40,000 times since my trip started. I shoot everything in RAW. Everything I think is good enough to go online goes through Photoshop, then I upload to Flickr and then on to my own photo site (Flickr is for backup and because it is easy to upload there)

      I honestly don't know why this is so vexing for you. I have a huge catalog of photos and I want to share them. It takes time to get photo online. That's it. No conspiracy. Most travel blogs have a several week lag between where they are and what they post about. I am at least posting and twittering in real time, if my photos are not.

      And if you doubt if I'm really here, I there are several readers of the site who I've met in person on the road, several newspaper interviews with photos I've done, and of course, a passport full of stamps.

  4. timelady says:

    Dammit, Coober Pedy. Having a pre caffeine moment;)

  5. timelady says:

    Hate to be picky, mate,but it is Cooper Pedy, not Peady:) Still loving the shots though!


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