Awards Season

Posted: January 10, 2009    Categories: Site News

In addition to Baseball Hall of Fame announcements this week, we have the Oscar and Golden Globes coming up. In the Internet world, it is also awards season. Unlike the Oscars, everyone can participate in online awards.

There are two big contests going on right now where I could use some support.

The first is the Lonely Planet Blogger of the Year Award for 2009. You can nominate me for best travelogue. The top five sites with the most nominations will move the final round.

The second is the 9th Annual Weblog Awards (Bloggies). For the first time they have a Travel Blog category. This is really THE big award for blogs, and it would be great to just to be a finalist in travel blog category. You can vote here. You have to scroll sideways which is sort of awkward, but it is pretty simple to fill out.

If you enjoy what I’m doing, please take a few seconds to fill out the form and hit submit. It would be a huge feather in my cap to actually win one of these….not to mention, bragging about being an award winning blogger would be a great pick-up line :)

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