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The Chungking Mansion in Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Chungking Mansion is one of the craziest places I’ve stayed on my trip. An enormous block of buildings which was home to over 20 hostels and guest houses, and had people from dozens of countries staying there. It was also an enormous fire trap. I wrote a more complete article on the Chungking Mansion […]

Pnow in Phnom Penh

I’ve made it to Phnom Penh. I took a boat from Siem Reap down Tonle Sap, which was interesting. It was a very leisurely trip with most of the passengers on the top deck the entire time. Almost the entire length of the trip had elevated homes (shacks) on the water. Almost everyone who lives […]

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My name is Gary Arndt. In March 2007 I set out to travel around the world...
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