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Disaster Recovery

Posted by on April 21, 2008

Under Airplane Wing, Fraser Island - Queensland, Australia (by Everything Everywhere)

I took an impromptu plane flight from the beach on Fraser Island

My photos are now in Subic Bay, Philippines. I can only assume that FedEx has some sort of regional hub there. (click here to see where the package is)

So, after all this angst and worry, the only thing I needed to give them was an address in Australia. This is funny because 1) I gave them an address in Sydney when I sent the package out originally. 2) I obviously don’t have any permanent address in Australia, so the whole thing really seems like a joke. 3) With every package I’ve ever sent while on the road, not only was my US address acceptable as a home address, it was usually required.

So, if all goes well, within 48 hours, the photos should be safe in the US and should be backed up on another hard drive sometime after that.

However, I just know something else will go wrong….

On an unrelated note, if you have just started reading the site, please take a few seconds to vote for my site at the Bloggers Choice Awards. You have to register, but the process is quick. It is a year long competition and I’ve lost the lead in the travel category. I’m still close, but every vote helps.

I’m sloooooly putting up photos from the Whitsunday’s and the Great Barrier Reef today. Upload speeds here are painful. I’m also writing several posts on the things I’ve done and seen the last week and a half driving up through Queensland. Tomorrow I’ll look into booking my tickets and planning out my Papua New Guinea adventure.

The Banana Republic of Cairns

Posted by on April 21, 2008

I’ve finally arrived in Cairns. Total damage done: nine days, four World Heritage Sites, and 3,030 km (1,882 miles).

I’m staying in Cairns for five days to catch up on my photos and get my things together for Papua New Guinea. I’ll also be able to spend ANZAC Day in Australia, which should be interesting. (more on that later)

The drive was long, but Queensland is very beautiful. Espcially considering I didn’t have any rain to deal with.

I was surprised by the farming I saw on the way up. From Sydney to Cairns, I saw two and only two crops being farmed: bananas and sugar cane. It sort of surprised me if for no other reason that I usually associate those crops with developing countries. I had never given any thought to the agircultural products of coastal Queensland, but I always just associated Australia with cattle, wheat and wine.

I’ve had to really change my diet while I was driving up here. Most of the food you find when driving is McDonald’s like fast food, or junk food at gas stations. I have never seen fruit being sold at a gas station in Australia. I’ve been going out of my way to stop a grocery stores more often just to buy apples, grapes and bananas.

The pronunciation of “Cairns” is the oddest linguistic thing I’ve encountered in Australia so far. It is pronounced like you are nasally saying “cans”, or like the French city “Cannes”. The city seems very reliant on tourism. There seem to be more Asian tourists here than I’ve seen in other parts of Australia. I’m guessing that is a funciton of its latitude (warmer than the rest of the country) and proximity to Asia.