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I’m putting up the bat signal on this one. I prefer to keep my posts on the website on topic with my trip, but I need help and I figure it would be easiest to just make a general plea.

There are several things I’d like to fix on my site before I leave Melbourne and I’m having problems getting help. I am in need of someone who knows php and javascript to do some changes to the WordPress template I’m using for my site.

1) The list of places and World Heritage sites on the right is getting way too long. It is only going to get bigger. I’d like to make the list collapsible so it doesn’t take up as much space. If you know how to do such things, what I’m doing right now is just plain HTML by hand. Every time I go to a new place I just add a new bullet in the outline. I have no problem continuing to do it by hand, but I need the script to make it collapse. If you view source, you can see the exact HTML I’m using.

2) If you notice, there aren’t links at the bottom of the page for “older” and “newer”. This makes it really hard to navigate to older posts for people who first discover the website. I’ve seen other sites using my theme which have this, so it should be possible, but I have no idea what to do to turn it on.

3) I want to make some changes to my header.

I think these things might be pretty easy if the right person looks at it.

If anyone can help, or if you know anyone who can help, please let me know.

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  1. pilotg2 says:

    For the first thing you want you have another option. You could just use html and your css and add an auto scroll bar. Just edit the css and add “overflow:auto;” to the appropriate block. It may be easier to edit the text widget and put each section in a seperate div block with a different id, this way you could control the height of each indepentantly.

  2. Malena says:

    Maybe try a collapsible sidebar plug-in? I found this one, but you might need to play around to find one that works.

  3. Sharon Rosa says:

    #2 is pretty easy – you have to put some template tags like this (replace next_posts_link with previous_posts_link to get previous posts) in a few template pages (index.php, page.php, and single.php) where you want the links to show up. I could do it for you, if you need help – some themes can get really weird about where stuff ends up.
    #3 i might be able to help you with, too. What sort of things are you looking to do with your header?

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