Daily Photo – Nauru

Posted: February 13, 2008    Categories: Daily Photo

Waiting room, Nauru Airport

Waiting room, Nauru Airport

From a strict artistic standpoint, this is the lamest photo I’ve ever posted as a daily photo. However, this is my only proof that I was ever in the nation of Nauru. The way the flights to Nauru work, you basically have to stay there a week or an hour. I flew on Our Airline (formerly Air Nauru before the plane was repossessed) from the Solomon Islands to Kiribati. I got to spend an hour in the transit lounge at 1am in the pitch dark. Even though I technically was in Nauru, I really saw nothing of the island. Nonetheless, I am one of a very small handful of people who can claim that they have been to Nauru. On August 3, 2007 I was in 5 countries in 30 hours after getting denied entry into Kiribati (a story which I will never tire of telling).

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